7 Best Horror Webtoons, Most Horrifying and Interesting Manhwas

7 Best Horror Webtoons

Who loves reading Horror Webtoons stories that are scary but full of 21+ scenes. In addition to romantic stories filled with pictures of two people in love, it turns out that there are also many scary horror stories in webtoons or web cartoons that are no less romantic but in the wrong way.

Among the many great webtoon stories, here are some that are interesting and recommended for you to read by animexp.org. Well, here are 7 recommendations for more interesting horror webtoons.

7 Best Horror Webtoons/Manhwas

1. Blood on The Wall

Blood on The Wall Manhwa
  • Alternative: Bulgeun Byeok, 붉은 벽
  • Author: Ho-Ahn Baek
  • Artist: Beck Ho An Ho-Ahn Baek
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Thriller

Hyung-Jeon is a painter whose name has recently become more famous than ever. While working one day, he decided to scribble on the wall thinking it might draw some inspiration.

Little did he know that he had created something that seemed alive… did it have anything to do with his recurring nightmares? As he grapples with this strange phenomenon, things get more complicated when a guest arrives at his studio…

2. Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Manhwa
  • Alternative: 물망초 / Myosotis
  • Author: Abio4
  • Artist: Bolp
  • Genre: GL, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller

To escape the family curse forever, the mansion girl ‘Soojin’ must be accompanied by a doll that looks like her. But since the beautiful doll was finished, strange things started happening in the mansion…

3. Island Puzzle

Island Puzzle Manhwa
  • Alternative: 아일랜드 퍼즐
  • Author: Hangsunny
  • Artist: Hangsunny
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

A couple moves to a hotel on an island. On that stormy night a lady guest fell from her room and died. The couple must solve the mystery!

4. Project Utopia

Project Utopia Manhwa
  • Alternative: 유토피아 (스튜디오 문), Utopia
  • Author: Studio Moon
  • Artist: Studio Moon
  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy

12 men and 12 women are kidnapped and left on a deserted island without the law. If they stay on the island for 10 months, they win $500,000. This is a story where true human nature is revealed. Welcome to the Utopia Project.

5. 150-1 Street

150-1 Street manhwa
  • Alternative: 150-1번지
  • Author: Cha Cha
  • Artist: Cha Cha
  • Genre: Horror, Mature, Thriller

I ran to start a new life. At first I thought things would get better until I met him… and everything went wrong.

6. Sow

Sow Manhwa
Sow Horror Webtoons
  • Alternative: メス豚, 補獵母豬, 암퇘지
  • Author: Hyangmulyang
  • Artist: Seupakeu
  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Seinen

By day, Ha-rin is both a sculptor and a teacher. At night, She transforms into serial killer Sow, who uses a chat app to entrap men in adult relationships with her protagonist, Soon-hee.

After the work is done, the men are kidnapped and killed, punished for adultery, or the women are used as if they were just an outlet. But Detective Kim and his team are on their way to these killers – will the couple’s terror stop?

7. Aesthetic Predator

Aesthetic Predator Webtoons
Aesthetic Predator Horror Webtoons
  • Alternative: 미학의 포식자
  • Author: BLACKSWAN
  • Artist: BLACKSWAN
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Smut

These four friends have their own goals and desires at the beginning of the new semester. Fast-paced protagonists march toward their goals with twisted enthusiasm, and madness eventually leads to destruction.

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Well, those are 7 creepy horror webtoons that are worth a midnight read because they contain 21+ actions.

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