Attack On Titan Final Season English Dub Release Date Confirmed

Attack On Titan Final Season English Dub Release Date Confirmed

Attack on Titan fans don’t have to wait any longer to see the English dub of the finale. In a recent anime franchise revealed the release date of the English dub along with other languages such as Spanish, German, and Portuguese, which will feature on Crunchyroll. This year has seen another successful publication by Attack of Titans Creator-Hajime Isayama, another short story set for a release in 2024. Releasing in the art book Attack on Titan: The several mysteries still surround the enigmatic story, although Isayama has hinted in the past that one more story remains that will focus on Levi.

Attack of Titan English Dub Release Date

This past week, English voice of Captain Levi Matthew Mercer shared a brief update. Just completed my last session of Attack On titans and leave me with emotional feeling, proud and gratitude. Levi has been a very special character to me, and getting to step up alongside the incredible Hiroshi Kamiya to bring him to life is an honor. Closing the chapter on any project is bittersweet, let alone one that has been with me for over a decade. “I’m grateful for all of you who showed your love for this project and for Levi over the years.”

Last episode for the series English dub will come out on Crunchyroll on 7 January, 2023. In addition, Attack of Titan also revealed a new trailer outside the release date announcement confirmation. It is an adventure of fans who take the last glimpse at “the last” Scout Regiment english voice actors’ journey.

Attack On Titan Final Season English Dub

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