Big Mouth KDrama

Big Mouth KDrama 2022, Lee Jong-suk, Lim Yoon-A, Kim Joo-Hun

Big Mouth Korean Drama: Big Mouth, a Korean TV series starring Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah and Kim Joo-hun, is available on the Disney+ Hotstar platform. This South Korean TV series was broadcast on July 29, 2022 and will air every Friday and Saturday.

In this series Lee Jong-suk, Lim Yoon-A, Kim Joo-Hun played the main character. In which Go Mi-ho (Park Chang-ho) is the wife of Chang-ho (Park Chang-ho). Park Chang-Ho is the prime suspect in a Munder case and Go Mi Ho tries to prove her husband’s innocence.

this drama’s created by Jang Young-chul and Jeong Gyeong-soon of Vagabond fame, was streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India from July 29. The show has a total of 16 episodes, the show has already been released, so no need to wait for its episodes to release.

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Korean Drama TitleBig Mouth
Original Name빅마우스
Also Known AsBig Mauseu
DirectorOh Choong Hwan, Bae Hyun Jin
CastsLee Jong-Suk, Lim Yoon-A, Kim Joo-Hun
GenresThriller, Mystery, Drama, Law
Release DateJuly 29 – September 17, 2022
Original LanguageKorean


  • Lee Jong-Suk as Park Chang-Ho
  • Lim Yoon-A as Go Mi-Ho
  • Kim Joo-Hun as Choi Do-Ha

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What is ‘Big Mouth’ KDrama about?

Park Chang-Ho has been called ‘Big Mouth’ since his school days. He makes big promises and promises but doesn’t keep them. He is also a notorious lawyer with a very low success rate who was hired by the mayor because of his incompetence. he gets involved in a murder case and is deceived as a genius scammer Big Mouth.

Go Mi Ho is the loving wife of Park Chang-Ho, who works as a nurse. She has a strong character and will do anything to prove her husband’s innocence and solve the case the mayor has brought against her husband.

Will Go Mi ho be able to prove her husband’s innocence, or will his investigation lead to some more secrets being uncovered?

Big Mouth releaase date?

Big Mouth (빅마우스; RR: Bingmauseu) is a 2022 South Korean TV series that aired on MBC TV’s Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST) time slots from July 29 to September 17, 2022. It is also available for streaming on Disney+ in select regions.

Where to Watch Big Mouth?

The drama available for streaming on Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, Viki and Wavve in selected regions. The drama has 16 episodes that are over 60 minutes long.

Big Mouth Official Trailer

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