One Piece 1051 Reddit Spoiler, Kaido Betrays Rocks?

Kaido Betrays Rocks, Rocks Pirates Wallpaper

While waiting for the spoiler for One Piece 1051 , the final story of the two Yonko, there is an interesting thing to talk about, did Kaido betray the Rocks Pirates?

One Piece 1051 is predicted to be a bright spot on how Kaido and Big Mom’s condition will be displayed.
About Kaido Betray Rocks Pirates, In chapter 1049 we see some pirates react to the news about Rocks pirates being beaten and of them saying.

“I’m sure it was their showdown that got them in. Neither of them are team players…” The next panel we see is a young Big Mom looking really pissed off and saying “Don’t mess with me! Where are you going, Kaido?” Then the next panel was Kurozumi’s grandmother who said “10 years have passed since that incident, Kaido… You are now known as the ’embodiment of brutality’.”

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The panel explained specifically implies to us that for some reason during the fight,
Kaido decides to stop helping Rocks.

The third implies to us that something happened in the Valley of the Gods that contributed to Kaido being the “embodiment of brutality”
and the way he says “the incident” instead of just saying what happened can mean several things too.

Big Mom gave Kaido her devil fruit when she was on the verge of death.

As we can see, Kaido is shaken up in the Valley of Gods, given his devil fruit by Big Mom and once he finds out how it works, transforms into a mantle and flees the scene.

Maybe Kaido was embarrassed because he suffered such a defeat.

He is ashamed to brutally abandon his former crew to save himself,
a side of him that seemed to still show up when he was drunk.

That’s why Big Mom was angry that she couldn’t find Kaido in that flashback.

With a very powerful devil fruit along with his already impressive strength.
It’s no surprise that Kaido would be the embodiment of brutality.
It seems Kaido holds a lot of hatred towards himself and the world.

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We might think this is because something happened in the Valley of the Gods that showed him the true colors of the Rocks.

That could be the reason why Kaido was so eager to discourage the rookies and was so sure that Luffy’s alliance would end in betrayal.

He wanted to believe, that under enough pressure everyone would do what he did. ***

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