One Piece: What will happen in the final saga?

One Piece: What will happen in the final saga?

After the announcement of the One Piece manga entering its final saga, fans were wondering what we would see in it.

One Piece will take a break of one month and return with its final saga. “saga” is different from “arc“, that is, there are multiple arcs within a saga, we will still be able to read manga for a long time.

So, as we still have many chapters ahead, and who knows what might happen in the years to come, many things other than Eiichiro Oda have time to answer and solve One Piece’s many doubts and mysteries. Is. What will happen. ,

The final saga of One Piece

  • Poneglyphs
Poneglyphs (Image: One Piece)

The manga has yet to reveal the secrets of the six Poneglyphs that the protagonist possesses, and of course, Straw Hats needs to find the location of the Last Road Poneglyph. In that case, they can’t move to the next island, right?

  • Change of plans
Sabo, Vivi and Hancock
Sabo, Vivi and Hancock (Image: One Piece)

At the beginning of the saga, we may also have a revelation of what happened to Sabo, Vivi and Hancock, and this leads Luffy to begin a plan to solve/rescue his friends.

  • Shanks
one piece shanks anime
One Piece Shanks anime (Image: One Piece)

One Piece still owes more to fans for reuniting Luffy with Shanks and uncovering the secrets surrounding the character. There are several fan theories that indicate that Shanks may have been one of the manga’s future villains, others that he may have hidden important things from Luffy, including the character’s Devil Fruit.

  • Blackbeard
blackbeard Gura Gura no Mi, Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit
blackbeard Gura Gura no Mi, Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit (Image: One Piece)

Another character that One Piece can’t leave aside is Blackbeard. Eventually he passed Luffy. A fight between the two is inevitable.

  • other important characters
Monkey D. Dragon devil fruit
Monkey D. Dragon devil fruit (Image: One Piece)

We can’t fail to mention the important characters who need to end their narratives before the end, like Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo and some members of the Revolutionary Army.

  • King of the Pirates
Gol D Roger One Piece
Gol D Roger One Piece (Image: One Piece)

The most obvious point that needs to be addressed is Luffy becoming the Pirate King. Several hints from the Oda suggest that one of the next arcs will be in Elbaf, where Straw Hats can go after receiving the Road ponyglyph. The Road Poneglyph may indicate the exact location of the last island that Luffy needs to visit in order to make his dreams come true.

  • Individual Straw Hats dreams
one piece straw hat crew wallpaper
One Piece Straw Hat (Image: One Piece)

One Piece also can’t help but resolve each crew member’s individual arcs. Eventually, he teamed up with Luffy, but he also has his own personal goals.

  • War against the World Government
One Piece World Government
One Piece World Government (Image: One Piece)

The most important topic for One Piece is world government. The one piece manga cannot end its journey without facing the oppressive and violent tyranny of the world’s biggest and worst enemy, the World Government. Not only this, we need to uncover all the secrets surrounding the government like Void Century. If there’s one thing One Piece fans want to see the most, it’s Luffy punching all the celestial dragons.

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