One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoiler: Kaido and Big Mom Find Secret Weapon

One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoiler

The official One Piece 1050 spoiler previously stated that Luffy finally won against the strongest character in the One Piece anime, Kaido.

However, this victory did not come easily. The fight between the two even lasted for several chapters.
It is said that after losing to Luffy, Kaido fell to Magma Island. Big Mom and Yonko also fell onto the island and this is no coincidence.

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One Piece episode 1050 spoilers. [Twitter/@Epicopboy]

Why isn’t it a coincidence? Because it’s possible that Oda Sensei did plan their meeting on the Magma Island.
But why?

It could be that Big Mom’s statement about the existence of gems in Wano Kuni is true, or also about ancient weapons.
Wano Island has long been suspected of being a place to store several ancient and secret weapons that have been sought after for a long time.
Not only ancient weapons, the meeting of Kaido, Yonko and Big Mom on the island also signals the existence of other weapons.

Luffy vs Kaido (IMDB)

For example Road Poneglyphs, the rest is still unknown. This refers to one of the theories that once said that Uranus’ ancient weapons were on Wano Kuni Island.
It is suspected that the weapon is a skull buried or sealed under Wano Kuni Island, also known as Gashadokuro.

He is a demon spirit in Japanese mythology, in the form of a giant skeleton, with his body sealed under Wano, his head being a skull in Onigashima.
In the mythology it is explained that Gashadokuro was once a man named Taira no Masakado, a rebel in Kyoto who became a fugitive.
Taira no Sadamori, his cousin, and Fujiwara no Hidesato killed him in 940 by beheading him.

Kozuki Hiyori and momo
Kozuki Hiyori and momo

Then Masakado’s daughter who is also a magician and magic, takiyasha hime, felt angry at her father’s killer for being considered disrespectful.
What do Big Mom and Kaido do when they find this?

It is not yet known what Big Mom and Kaido will do if they find the hidden location of Gashadokuro.
However, it is possible that the giant skull of Gashadokuro will be used for war.
To know the full story, of course, you have to witness One Piece chapter 1050 for yourself, which will air in the near future.

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