One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Dawn of Wano, Admiral Green Bull Coming to Wano

Green Bull (Ryokugyu) One Piece

After a week of waiting, finally new information about the next chapter of the One Piece manga has been released. Here is One Piece 1052 Spoiler.

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: New Morning

The roughly translated title of chapter One Piece 1052: “Dawn of a New Beginning.”

The cover of the new chapter continues with the story about Germa 66 with the title: Germa meets Caesar Clown.

In the previous chapter, Momonosuke said that he would temporarily close Wano to the world, so the giant elephant Zunesha left.

Drake and Hawkins have a conversation after the battle. Hawkins revealed that the person he guessed was 1% alive was himself and no one else. In fact, Hawkins’ fortune-telling predicted that Kaido would be defeated, but out of pride, Hawkins decided not to change sides.

Seven days have passed since the war between the Alliance of Shinobi – Pirates – Mink clan – Samurai confronting the Beasts Pirates.

Wano has now made remarkable progress after regaining its independence.

Looks like Apoo and the Numbers Inbi have teamed up and become reluctant allies.

The fierce battle just now also had unfortunate casualties, Ashura died because of the bomb explosion caused by Kanjuro. Izou died in battle after fighting the CP0 Maha.

Ashura and Izou died | One Piece Manga
One Piece (Image: MANGA Plus)

The most special scene in the new chapter is probably quite a lot of humorous scenes combined with showing off the body and revealing the Straw Hats and Yamato. It was revealed that there was a scene of bathing in the royal bath or an outdoor hot spring or something.

In particular, Yamato ran to shower with the male Straw Hat crew members instead of the female side with Nami and Robin. Other characters like Tama, Carrot, Nekomamushi and so on are also at the bathing area to join in the fun. Surely the happiest person is Sanji and Brook.

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull)
Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull)

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull/Blue Bull) is on his way to Wano Country. Thus, the Navy finally made the first move with the incident in Wano. CP-0s have been to Wano before, but they are directed by the World Government and are therefore not considered part of the Marines.

Does the appearance of Luc Niu signal another battle that is about to take place here?

Those are also the final developments, there will still be stories next week.

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