One Piece 1054: When are the manga spoilers coming out?

One Piece 1054: When are the manga spoilers coming out?

One Piece Manga Chapter 1053 has already been released, bringing major revelations. We’ve seen the new rewards for Luffy, Kid, and Law, as well as confirmation of Who the New Yonkous, the Emperors of the Seas are.

And now we enter another wait until the release of the first spoilers for chapter 1054 of the manga. This time the wait will be much longer than usual, as One Piece is on one of its biggest breaks.

As was recently announced, Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, will need to take a month off to get organized for the latest saga.

That’s right, very soon One Piece will enter its final saga with the end of the Wano arc.

Therefore, the One Piece manga will only return at the end of July.

One Piece 1054: Spoilers and Chapter Release Date

Check out the release schedule for the month of July:

  • First spoilers: Around Monday (18) or Tuesday (19)
  • Leaked images: around Wednesday (20) or Thursday (21)
  • Chapter launch in scanlations: around Friday (22)
  • Official launch of the chapter, on the Mangaplus website: Sunday (24)
Mokey D. Luffy One Piece 1054 (Image: Toei Animation)

In short, One Piece manga 1054 is scheduled to be released on July 24th.

Important: Spoiler release dates and chapter release dates in scanlations are predictions. Because they are leaks and unofficial versions, there is no way to say a certain day.

The official release on the Mangaplus website is the only one with an exact date. To read previous chapters, click here.

Why does One Piece constantly stop?

One Piece often goes into scheduled breaks after about two or three issues in a row so the author, Eiichiro Oda, can rest.

In addition, there are breaks from Weekly Shonen Jump, the Japanese magazine that publishes One Piece and other successful manga.

While waiting for the next chapter to be released, how about discussing it with other fans?

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