One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Plot, Leaks, Raw Scans and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1072 Full Plot, Leaks, Raw Scans and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1072 will be released on January 22 and can be read on Shueisha’s official online platform.

One Piece is back with a bang after a nearly two-week hiatus. Zoro and Brook remained aboard The Thousand Suns to guard the ship. Kaku arrives to destroy the ship and attacks Zoro, but Zoro instinctively blocks his attack. What is the result of this dual? Here’s everything to know about One Piece Chapter 1072, including release date, RAW, leaks, spoilers, and more.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Full Plot

One Piece Chapter 1072 is titled “The Weight of the Memory”, Which is related to experiments based on real life.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Cover page
One Piece Chapter 1072 Cover page

On the cover page, the Queen is shown making a virus, the Judge making a spear, and Caesar making a Devil Fruit (Vegapunk and Mystery Woman do not appear on this cover). Looks like a while has passed since the last cover. They wearing different clothes than last time and Queen is a little fat. The devil fruit made by Caesar is black. The chapter opens with narration from a MADS time Vegapunk magazine (it’s text only, no flashbacks). Vegapunk said that he “sees” her as a real human being, even if the world doesn’t accept it as a real human being. Vegapunk said to that ‘this experiment’ could be the first step towards peace. Bonney turns into a baby and pretends to cry to gain Vegapunk’s sympathy. When Vegapunk gets close to Bonney, she transforms into herself favorite adult version again.

She appears to be inflated like a balloon (it appears that with Bonney’s power, it can transform into a different form than its future self). Bonney extorts Vegapunk’s age out of him in the form of glittering jewels. She then turns Vegapunk into a child who can speak (probably because of his genius brain).

Vegapunk: “What!? Those sparkly jewels are from my age!?” Vegapunk says that he cannot tell Bonnie why he turned on Kuma in the past, because that would cause Bonney too much pain. Vegapunk promises Bear that he will never tell Bonney the truth. Bonney turns and saw a room with a bear-paw on the door (this ability is similar to Shinobu in Wano Country). one piece chapter 1072 vegapunk and kuma flashback begins. Vegapunk resembles O’Hara’s flashback scene, with Kuma dressed in a white patient’s uniform and no hat, showing his hair and glasses.

Vegapunk tells Kuma that a scientist from West Blue has discovered that humans lose 21 grams weigh when they die, 21 grams being the weight of the human soul. Vegapunk explains Kuma’s “Nikyu Nikyu no Mi” ability. He says the bear’s power transforms the intangible into the tangible. For instance, Kuma can transform “pain” by turning a nerve signal into tangible energy that he can expel from the body. By extension, Kuma should be able to do the same with “imagination”, “thoughts” and even “memories”. Vegapunk wants to know the “weight” and “size” of human memory, so he wants Kuma to extract his memories. Kuma doesn’t want to do that since it’s embarrassing, but Begunk begs him for science.

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Back in the present, Bonnie enters the room with a bear-paw on the door. In the middle of the room, Bonney sees a bear energy in the shape of a bear-paw and walks towards it. At the same time, we also see what’s happening in the “Red Port”. The real Kuma tries to climb the “Red Line” but is shot by the Marines. Back in the room with the bear-paw on the door. Bonney is about to touch the energy in the shape of a bear-paw.

Vegapunk: “Don’t touch it Bonney!! It’s kuma’s pain!!”

Bonney: “I know my father’s abilities. It’s not kuma’s pain“. You have his ‘memories’, don’t you?” Bonney reaches out and touches the energy.

One Piece Chapter 1072 continues as  Zoro vs Kaku’s fight continues. Kaku uses his awakened form which is similar to Lucy’s awakened form. Kaku uses some of his old attacks such as “Bigan” (Nose Pistol), but also uses a new attack called “Kyoku Bigan: Kirimangyro” (Extreme Nose Pistol: Spinning Snake). However, Zoro overpowers Kaku and easily knocks him down to the ground while Brook protects Thousand Sunny. Suddenly, it turns out that the four Seraphs also came to the “Laboratory” without receiving any orders. Due to Seraphim’s personality, it is revealed that they can react and make their own decision to adapt to battle situation, and they himself will assist CPO. However, the CPO does not want this. Vegapunk still holds higher authority than the CPO.

Edison and Lilith run to bring Seraphim back. Sanji and Franky go to rescue Zoro and Brook. Luffy and the other Straw Hats live in the lab. Lucy orders Seraphim to destroy the “lab” before Vegapunk arrives. All four Seraphim attack the “Lab” at the same time. However, suddenly someone bitten Kaku’s neck and Kaku falls asleep. and then we find that the one who bit Kaku is Stussy, who has vampire-like wings and fangs. her true identity is revealed. Stussy is a clone of “Ms” Buckingham Stussy, member of the Rock Pirates. Stussy is MADS scientists’ first successful human clone.

Stussy: “I put Kaku to sleep, Lucy…and now I want you to sleep too!!” This chapter ends here and we have no days off next week.

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One Piece Chapter 1072 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1072 will be released on Sunday, January 22, 2023. The new chapter can be read on the Viz Media official website and Manga Plus official website and the release schedule is as follows.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7:00 AM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10:00 AM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • European standard Time: 4:00 PM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM, Monday, 23rd January 2023
  • Australian Standard Time: 12:30 AM, Monday, 23rd January 2023

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1072 online?

You can read the three latest chapters of One Piece Chapter 1072 for free on the official MANGA Plus and VIZ Media by Shueisha website.

When will One Piece Chapter 1072 release?

One Piece, chapter 1072, will release on Monday, 22 January 2023, at 12 AM JST.

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