7 One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive

One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive

7 One Piece characters who were thought dead but are still alive, One Piece characters are hard to die.

As such, when a character is presumed dead, fans typically wait for confirmation before confirming.

One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive

See the seven characters below Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive. Before they are presumed dead, they usually have an epic falling moment like protecting others.

Bentham (Bon Clay)

Mr. 2 Bentham (Bon Clay)
Bentham (Bon Clay) (Image: Pinterest)

Mr. 2 aka Bon Clay (Bon Kurei), is the Former Baroque Works’ official agent. He was the main antagonist of the Arabasta Arc.

Although he was once an enemy of Luffy as a member of Baroque Works, the two soon became friends, Leading Bon Clay, he sacrificed himself for Luffy in both Alabasta and later Impel Down, and was one of his main allies during that story arc. Bentham is still alive and he is now the new Queen of Newkama Land.


Sabo One Piece
Sabo One Piece (Image: Pinterest)

As a child, Sabo’s boat was attacked by Celestial Dragons until he was presumed dead.

However, he managed to survive because the dragon saved him and his injuries when he was treated by revolutionaries. He outlived Ace.

We’ll see if Sabo escapes death again after Lurcia is destroyed by a mysterious attack from the sky.

However, after it turns out that Sabo survived Celestial Dragons’s attack and was safe at Mary Geoise, Sabo can now be trusted to escape dangerous situations.

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Pagaya One Piece
Pagaya One Piece (Image: )

Enel attacks Pagaya while helping a wounded member of the Royal Guard, Pagaya, presumed dead, reveals his plan to destroy Skypiea.

However, like many characters in the Skypiea arc, Eneru’s attack failed to kill Pagaya. The attack only knocked Pagaya down, and he was able to come back at the end of the arc.


Mr. 3 Galdino one piece
Galdino one piece (Image: Fandom)

“Loan Shark” Galdino aka Mr.3 was thought to have died once: when Crocodile dried his body. However, Gardino was able to recover.

Of course, it was lucky that Gardino survived. After that, he helped Luffy by becoming his main allies from Impel Down Arc to Marineford Arc.


Pell one piece
Pell one piece (Image: Tenor)

We are shown that Pell selflessly sacrificed himself to save the Alabasta from the exploding time bomb Crocodile had set.

Pell was shown to be alive at the end of the Alabasta arc when he approaches his own grave with a disturbing surprise.

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igaram one piece
igaram One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive (Image: duniagames)

At the end of the Whiskey Peak arc, Igaram attempts to separate his pursuers from the Straw Hats and Vivi, but his ship is blown up by Miss All Sunday aka Nico Robin.

One Piece readers who were reading the manga at the time really thought Igaram was dead. Especially at the time, Oda did not make much use of fake deaths in his stories.

In fact, Igaram is still alive and he returns and is revealed to survive the explosion made by Robin.

If Igaram dies, Nico Robin will probably not be allowed to join the Straw Hats.


pound one piece
pound One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive (Image: Fandom)

Lola and Chiffon’s father, Pound is one of Charlotte Linlin’s many husbands.

Pound appears to have been killed saving his daughter Chiffon from the wrath of the oven, with we thinking he was dead. We are led to believe that the pound is dead. We thought he was dead. We are assured that the pound is dead. However, in Chapter 979, it is revealed that Pound is still alive.

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Those are 7 One Piece Characters Who Were Thought Dead But Are Still Alive. What do you think?

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