One Piece Film: Red Releases New Trailer and Poster Art

One Piece Film Red Releases New Trailer and Poster Art

One Piece Film: Red is the next film on the docks for anime, and it won’t take long for fans to catch up. Eventually, the project is set to hit Japan in early August, and more updates to the film are starting to go live. And now, One Piece Film: Red has just dropped its first trailer with a poster from creator Eiichiro Oda.

As you can see below, the new trailer recently went live, and it gives fans a lot of information. For one, the promo proves that Shanks traveled the Grand Line with his little girl, and Uta went to the East Blue with him, too. It was there that the young girl met Luffy well before the events of the anime began, and they were close friends.


One Piece Film: Red Releases New Poster Art

One Piece Film: Red Poster
One Piece Film: Red Poster (Image: Toei Animation)

The trailer also shows how talented Uta is as her singing has no equal. However, all of her talents put a target on Uta’s back, and that’s without the world knowing about her ties to Shanks. It also appears that Utah was separated from Luffy at one point during her childhood, but when a new villain digs into his history, she will be reunited here with Straw Hat, much to the dismay of Shanks.

One Piece Film: Red Releases New Trailer

Obviously, this new trailer is gorgeous, and there was even a special tribute from Oda to One Piece Film: Red to celebrate its release. Eventually, the artist inked an incredible poster promoting the new film. So if you were on the fence with this latest One Piece film, this trailer-poster combo will get you on board with the big release.

What do you think of this new trailer-poster drop? Will you be checking out One Piece Film: Red when it hits theaters near you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @WallpaperAcces.

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