Overwatch 2: How To Boost FPS

Overwatch 2: How To Boost FPS

Overwatch 2: How To Boost FPS: Overwatch 2’s launch didn’t go as smoothly as Blizzard did initially. Like most live-service video games, Overwatch 2 had its fair share of issues and bugs. Most of these issues are out of control, but players are looking for ways to improve their FPS. This is a dangerous dilemma. Because frame drops are unacceptable when playing FPS games. Check out this guide on how to try and improve your FPS in Overwatch 2.


How to Increase or Boost FPS in Overwatch 2

Mei (Overwatch 2)
Mei | Overwatch 2: How To Boost FPS (Image via Overwatch)

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We recommend updating your OS and Overwatch 2 before following any settings or methods. Also, ensure that your graphics driver is updated to the latest version. So the best way to improve your FPS in OW 2 is to try or change your in-game settings. You can go to Options and select the Videos tab.

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Target Display: Best Match
  • Resolution: Native resolution
  • Field of View: 103
  • Aspect Ratio: Native aspect ratio
  • VSync: Off
  • Triple Buffering: Off
  • Reduce Buffering: On
  • Display Performance Stats: On
  • NVIDIA Reflex: On
  • FPS Limit: You can set the FPS cap to balance the refresh rate of your monitor. This reduces the strain on your device.
  • Frame rate cap: Make sure to Match your monitor’s refresh rate.
  • Render scale: Automatic
  • Frame rate settings: Custom (According to your preference)
  • Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Render Scale: 75% percent
  • Higher Quality upsampling: Default
  • Texture quality: Low or Medium
  • Texture filtering quality: Medium – 2x
  • Local fog detail: Low or Medium
  • Dynamic reflections: Off
  • Shadow detail: Closed. We recommend turning this setting off for competitive matches, but try turning it “on” for casual matches.
  • Model detail: Medium or High (According to your preference)
  • Effects detail: Low
  • Lightning quality: Low. We recommend keeping this setting at low or medium as it can be one of the causes of frame drops.
  • Antialias quality: Off
  • Refraction quality: Low. We recommend keeping it low as it can take more of your FPS.
  • Screenshot quality: 1X Resolution
  • Local reflections: Off
  • Ambient occlusion: Off
  • Damage FX: Default

If you need a boost FPS on a console like PS or Xbox, go to Video Settings and enable Frame Rate. Turn off VSync and set the frame rate set to Custom. Then change the video settings from the above settings.

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