They died? Ryokugyu’s Power is Revealed in One Piece Manga 1053

Green Bull (Ryokugyu) One Piece

Some pages from chapter 1053 of the One Piece manga were leaked in the early hours of Wednesday (15), days before the official release.

The images reveal the main highlights of the chapter and confirm the spoilers released earlier this week. One of the novelties is the power of Admiral Ryokugyu.

The following image is raw (photos of the pages in low quality, taken from the magazine in Japanese). Better versions will come soon.

The manga is scheduled to launch in scanlations on Friday (17) and on Sunday (19) officially on the MangaPlus app.

One Piece Manga 1053 Admiral Green Bull’s Attack

Ryokugyu reveals the power of his Devil Fruit in this chapter, attacking the Beasts Pirates, including Queen and King at the same time. He can create plants that absorb nutrients from people.

From what’s been shown, it’s unclear whether King and Queen died from this attack, but the situation doesn’t look good for them…

Ryokugyu’s Power is Revealed in One Piece Manga 1053
Ryokugyu’s Power is Revealed in One Piece Manga 1053 (Image: Twitter)

Beasts Pirates: Ah…

Babanuki: Oh…

Beasts Pirates: King-san!!

King: Oh…

Beasts Pirates: Queen-san!!

Queen: Ahhhhhh!!!
I was getting chubby on purpose…

Ryokugyu: I told you not to do that, didn’t I?! Someone in my position cannot be defeated by mere commanders!!
The navy doesn’t have people available to do a “cleanup” right now, you know… and just like I thought, you guys are…!!

Queen: Argh!!

Ryokugyu: Aahhh

One Piece 1053 leaked Manga Reveals Admiral Ryokugyu’s Name and Face

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