One Piece Facts: Is the Marine Admirals at Yonkou level?

One Piece Facts: Is the Marine Admirals at Yonkou level?

The strength and position of Marine Admirals and Yonkou are often juxtaposed. But is Admiral Marine really on the same level as the Yonkou?

As is known if in the world of One Piece, the Yonkou are the four strongest pirates who have great influence in the oceans and of course in the story.

Their strength was at a level higher than that of ordinary pirates so the World Government itself was extremely wary of them.

Previously, the Yonkou consisted of Whitebeard, Shanks, Big Mom, and Kaido. However, after Whitebeard’s death in Paramount War, his position was replaced by his former subordinate, Blackbeard.

While the Marines are the main force in the world of One Piece, they are known as the military face of the World Government.

One Piece Yonkou
One Piece Yonkou (Image: fandom)

As navy soldiers, their duty is to protect the innocent and the weak from ruthless pirates.

The Marines are quite a capable force and together with the SSG (formerly the Shichibukai) and the Yonkou, make up the Three Great Powers of the One Piece world. Of all the Marines, the Admiral is known to be the most powerful.

Each generation of Marines seems to have maintained the tradition of having 3 Admirals and together, they are known as the strongest military asset of the World Government.

Admirals have extraordinary powers, as seen on various occasions in the story, but if it’s to say if Marine admirals are on the same level as Yonkou, then later.

Marine Admirals are not as strong as the Yonkou

Admirals in the world of One Piece are very strong, but their strength is no better than the Yonkou. There are many facts that prove this. First, the Yonkou are stronger because they have a much better arsenal of abilities.

For example, during the Marineford arc, Akainu was able to temporarily fight Whitebeard. However it should be noted that Whitebeard’s health was holding him back a lot and he wasn’t in a fighting state, to begin with.

Despite that, Whitebeard eventually defeated Akainu and it came to a point where he was far from his full strength.

Compared to the younger Whitebeard or, say, someone like Kaido, the Admirals weren’t that impressive yet. In order to fight the Whitebeard Pirates, the World Government really needs the help of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Just using Marine Admirals and Vice Admirals against the Yonkou won’t be enough.

If every Admiral was as strong as a Yonkou, then the Navy would have three Yonkou level fighters compared to just one for the Whitebeard Pirates.

One Piece 4 Yonkou
One Piece 4 Yonkou (Image: CBR/OnePiece)

On the other hand, Sengoku openly stated that despite having the number and the Shichibukai by his side, they could have been sunk to the bottom of the ocean by old Whitebeard and dying and be completely destroyed.

Furthermore, commanders like Marco could defend well against people, like the Admiral until Whitebeard’s deteriorating health distracted them and allowed the Admirals to take over.

That was certainly not to say that the Admiral was as strong as the Yonkou Commander. Obviously, Marco was an extraordinary case, being the strongest commander and someone worthy of being a Yonkou himself in the eyes of the Gorosei.

Another example is when Doflamingo had absolutely no trouble fighting Kuzan on Punk Hazard and even attacked Fujitora when he arrived at Dressrosa.

At the same time, the mere thought of facing Kaido in battle and being the target of his anger was enough to frighten him

I think this can already be proof that the Admiral is not as strong as the Yonkou in One Piece.

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