Somebody (Korean Drama)

Somebody (Korean Drama) 2022

When will Netflix’s new Korean drama Somebody be released for streaming and how many episodes will the crime series have?

With OTT streaming debuts for Elite season 6, Inside Job season 2, Slumberland, Kumari, and Reborn Rich and more scheduled, it’s going to be a busy weekend for Netflix fans.

One of the weekend’s most anticipated drops is the new South Korean drama Somebody, a series about how a serial killer uses online dating apps to find potential victims.

So what’s in this new series? When will someone’s K-drama be released to the world via Netflix? How many episodes are there in Season 1?


Korean Drama TitleSomebody
Original Name썸바디
Also Known Asサムバディ, Samubadi
DirectorJung Ji Woo
CastsKim Young-Kwang, Kang Hae-Lim, Kim Yong-Ji, Kim Soo-Yeon
GenresDrama, Thriller, Melodrama, Crime film
Release Date18 November 2022
Original LanguageKorean


  • Kim Young-Kwang as Yoon-O
  • Kang Hae-Lim as Sum
  • Kim Yong-Ji as Mok-Won
  • Kim Soo-Yeon as Ki-Eun

What is plot of Somebody K-Drama?

Somebody is a crime thriller melodrama written by Han Ji Wan and directed by Jung Ji Woo.

The series tells the story of a young woman named Sum (played by Kang Hae-lim) who works as a software developer for a social media app called ‘Somebody’.

Ironically, Sum struggles to connect with people in the real world, but she relies on her two best friends, Mok-won (Kim Yong-ji) and Detective Ki-eun (Kim Soo-yeon).

One day, a gruesome murder shakes Sum’s town, and a social media app somehow gets involved.

When Detectives Ki-eun and Mok-won begin investigating a murder, Sum meets architect Yoon-O (Kim Young-kwang) through a dating app that she developed, and the two quickly bond.

Unfortunately, Yoon-O also seems to be hiding something that could get in serious trouble.

When will Somebody K-Drama Be Released?

Somebody will be released on Netflix on Friday, 8 November 2022. There will be a total of 8 episodes.

Where to watch Somebody K-Drama?

Viewers will be able to watch Somebody K-Drama on Netflix.

Somebody K-Drama Official Trailer

An official trailer for the series was released to YouTube in October. Fans have been waiting to see this thriller crime mystery ever since. The wait is over and K-drama lovers can watch the series. Somebody Season 1 is available on the OTT platform in various languages with Korean as the original.

The series is also available in languages such as English, Hindi, French, Turkish, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Thai. Subtitles are available in English and Korean. The trailer’s YouTube description reads, “My perfect world, My perfect world, my perfect error, finally, somebody just like me“. The description itself piques the viewer’s curiosity to find out more about the series.

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