SPY X FAMILY: Who Is Bond Forger And Why Is He Important?

With the most recent episode of SPY x FAMILY, Bond, the Forger family dog, appeared, and it is worth knowing more about him.

Those who watched the eleventh episode of the adventures of Loid, Anya and Yor Forger anime surely noticed a sequence where a kind of kennel appears and in it several dogs locked in cages. In one of them a dirty and disheveled dog appeared. It seems not to be very important but in reality it is quite the opposite. All because he is none other than Bond, someone essential to the SPY x FAMILY series.

The name of this Dog, as you may have guessed, is inspired by that of James Bond, the famous Agent 007 created by the writer Ian Fleming. But that does not imply that Bond has the same skills as this famous fictional spy. What follows is a spoiler, but there was a preview in the most recent episode of the series. If you saw it, you noticed that a blurred image appears with the Forger family facing forward.

Who Is Bond Forger in SPY x FAMILY and His Power?

Bond has a very special ability in SPY x FAMILY and that is precognition. I mean, he can see the future. The image where Anya and her parents appear is a vision that he has about them. How he got this unusual power is something that is explained in more detail in the manga and will surely be well addressed in the anime. However, it seems that it will not be in the first half of this one, since there is only one episode left.

I mean the twelfth which is called Penguin Park. The preview shown is focused on another of the manga’s short stories, Short Mission 1, which comes in the fourth volume. If the trend shown so far is followed, it is likely that CloverWorks and Wit Studio will expand the story a bit to close the first half of the animated adaptation, which will be on June 25. At least that’s the impression it gives.

Will we have to wait until the second half?

Bond’s formal entry onto the scene and as a member of the Forger family in SPY x FAMILY must be carefully crafted. Of course, I could be wrong and the Short Mission 1 part of the episode is actually short. But I think that the appearance of this dog deserves to be highlighted with a single episode. This character makes a great dumbbell with Anya. All because the psychic abilities of both complement each other well.

It is certain that the second half of the anime will spend a lot showing the relationship between Anya and Bond. While I could say a lot about him, I don’t want to spoil the fun of seeing him in action. Especially since he is a great addition to the dynamic of the Forger family, where all its members have secrets that they must keep hidden in order to stay together. No matter their differences they have to move forward.

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At least for me Bond is one of the best characters created by Tatsuya Endō. All due to the way he behaves, since he is a dog at the end of the day. Although he has unusual ability and is very intelligent, he also has limitations befitting his species.

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