The new Anime trailer of “Lucky Star Boy” is released, the alien female ghost Ram will come back

Urusei Yatsura, Lucky Star Boy

Japanese animator Takahashi Rumiko’s classic work “Fu Xing Boy” is a completely new animation. Today (May 19), the first trailer and new visuals were released. Wait for the characters to be happy. The new animation of “Lucky Star Boy” has 4 seasons. The first season will be broadcast in October 2022. Hiroshi Gu, Sumire Uesaka, Maori Uchida and Mamoru Miyano will all join the dubbing of this work. This time, it was also revealed that Sawajo Miyuki and Takagi Shibuya will dub Sakura-sensei and Deranged Monk.

Synonyms: Lamu, Lum, Those Obnoxious Aliens, Urusei Yatsura

“Lucky Star Boy” Anime Synopsis and Trailer:

“Lucky Star Boy” is the representative work of the Japanese animator Rumiko Takahashi. It tells the story of Moxingtang, a student of the 2nd and 4th class of Yuyin High School, who can be called the most lustful man in history. One day, the alien ghosts invaded the earth. The leader of the ghosts asked each side to send a representative to decide the fate of the earth through a race. Adang, who has always been plagued by bad luck, became the winner of the lottery on this side of the earth, and the ghost tribe sent the daughter of the leader, the little beauty Ram. The important game ended in Adam’s victory, and Rahm fell in love with the unremarkable opponent. Since then, their fates have been closely linked, which has also led to a series of magical, hilarious and touching stories…

Lucky Star Boy Cast & Staff


  • Hiroshi Kamiya as All Stars
  • Sumire Uesaka as Ram
  • Uchida Mayori as Miyake Shinobi
  • Miyano Mamoru as Noodle House Shutaro:
  • Takagi Taki as Deranged Monk
  • Sawajo Miyuki as Teacher Sakura


  • Original work: Rumiko Takahashi “Lucky Star Boy”
  • Supervision: Hideya Takahashi, Yasuda Kimura
  • Series Composition: Kakihara Yuko
  • Character setting: Naoyuki Asano
  • Animation production: david production

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