V Rising: How to Get General’s Soul Reaper Guide

Unlocking General's Soul Reaper In V Rising

The General’s Soul Reaper is one of the most powerful weapons in V Rising, with stats similar to the Merciless Iron Reaper, but with additional passives and unique abilities for better combat performance. However, unlike standard gear unlocked through Research Desk or Study, General Soul Reaper can only be obtained by obtaining a secret “recipe” from a specific mob and by crafting the smithy in V Rising.

To unlock Generals Soul Reaper’s Smith Blueprint in V Rising, Vampire Adventurers will need an item called the Orb of Knowledge for “The Generals Soul Reaper.” These decorations are hidden consumables that can be used on the spot to discover new technologies. After using this Orb of Knowledge Special to the General Soul Reaper, the crafting blueprint for the weapon will automatically become available to the blacksmith. As a result, vampires can only obtain the orb as a periodic drop from an elite enemy known as the Undead Commander.

V Rising: How to Get General's Soul Reaper Guide

The Undead Commander is a level 49 enemy known as a giant wielding an upgraded version of the General’s Soul Reaper. Although this long-dead humanoid has no V blood, the Undead Commander is still formidable enough to be considered a miniboss in V Rising. Therefore, it is highly recommended that players reach at least level 50 or higher before attempting to face this elite enemy horde.


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How to Unlocking General’s Soul Reaper In V Rising

The Undead Commander can be found in two locations in the Dunley Farmlands: The Haunted Iron Mine and The Church of the Damned. In the Haunted Iron Mine, the Commander can usually be found in the southernmost chamber. Normally, there will be no other enemies nearby, so taking on an elite enemy should be no problem. However, if the Undead Commander wanders into the haunted Iron Mine shaft, players are advised to take him to the southern room for a more direct fight. On the other hand, a concentrated location in the Church of the Damned will lead to a very hostile mobs. In addition, Leandra the Shadow Priestess reveals the surrounding area, which could prove to be a problem when fighting the Undead Commander. Therefore, choosing the Haunted Iron Mine as the battlefield to face the undead commander may be optimal for most combatants.

Nevertheless, after defeating the undead Commander and gaining its Orb of Knowledge, V Rising’s vampires can return to their Castle Smithy and prepare the General’s Soul Reaper using the following resources:

  • Regular Miststone ×4
  • Greater Blood Essence ×4
  • Iron Ingot ×24
  • Plank ×16
  • Gem Dust ×120

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