How to Install and Play The Elden Ring Seamless co-op Mod

How To Download & Play Elden Ring's Co-Op Mod

Players with seamless co-op mode will be able to explore every area of the Elden Ring at once and stay in the same world no matter what happens.

Elden Ring offers players a challenging gaming experience that can be enjoyed alone or with friends in co-op mode. However, like many previous FromSoftware games, the multiplayer implementation in Elden Ring is quite unique. While invading other worlds can feel great, inviting other players to tackle the game’s challenges in co-op mode can sometimes feel clunky and bothersome. With this in mind, a modder named LukeYui recently released the Seamless Co-op Mod for Elden Ring to streamline and simplify the cooperative multiplayer experience.

FromSoftware games have always been somewhat strange in their implementation of multiplayer mechanics. Although players can actually group with friends in the game, there are several limitations that make the process laborious. This is because any time one of the players dies, clears an area, or defeats a boss in the Elden Ring, the game sends the Phantoms back to their world, allowing players to reconnect. Huh.

How to Install and Play The Elden Ring Seamless co-op Mod

With Seamless Co-Op mod, players are no longer restricted by multiplayer zones, and dying in-game will return that player to the last used Grace Sight in that world. Players will be able to use their mounts individually and can even sync map waypoints, allowing them to navigate the land more easily together. This mod also enhances the ability of one sprite to one another, allowing players to team up in groups of four.

How To Download and Install The Seamless Co-Op Mod In Elden Ring

How To Download and Install The Seamless Co-Op Mod In Elden Ring

To download this mod, players must first visit the official Nexusmods website and create an account, or log in if they already have an account. Then use the search bar to search for “Seamless Co-op” mode and select Manual Download. Next, select the “Slow Download” option to download the mod for free, and then navigate to where it is on your computer and open it. This will require players to install file archiving software like Winrar or 7zip.

After opening the package file, move the “seamlesscoop” folder and the “launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop” executable file to the location where the game is installed. To find this folder, players can go to the Steam Library, right-click on Elden Ring, and select Manage and browse local files. After that, find the “cooppassword.ini” file inside the “SeamlessCoop” folder and edit it to choose a password.

This password allows players to seamlessly co-op in the Elden Ring and therefore avoid unexpected people from joining the session should something complicated happen. Everyone in the group who wants to play together must install the mod and change the “cooppassword.ini” file to the same password. After that, just double-click on “launch_elden_ring_seamless_coop.exe” to start the game and enjoy companionship while exploring the fantastic world of Elden Ring.

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