Where to find Crude gems in V Rising?

Where to find Gem Stones in V Rising

We offer you a couple of locations where you will be able to get a great set of V Rising Crude gems.

We have a multitude of resources to get in v Rising games, and the truth is that although we can access them through the castle and go directly to them, it is likely that in some particular areas we cannot farm what we are looking for.

V Rising
V Rising

And so it usually happens with raw gems, one of those resources that are not produced very regularly, and the few points that are on the map are quite dangerous and we have to retrace our path.

Luckily we have located a couple of places where you can farm quite a few raw gems in V Rising, and we are going to point it out on the map so you can go directly.

Where to find Crude gems in V Rising?

To bring you this location, we’ve taken into account things like where the stone nodes are, where the giants patrol, respawn timers, and how long it takes to get between them.

These places are ideal to take advantage of the vampire gateways and make fast trips, in addition, these regions do not have very complicated enemies, so we can walk around with some peace of mind.

Where to find Crude gems in V Rising?

To locate them is as easy as looking for a series of stone elements that stand out, to take advantage of the corresponding node. You must use a mace to farm fast and hit it until the node disappears.

Collect the gems, kill any nearby Stone Golems because they might give you some more, and come back later to get many more.

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