Overwatch 2: How to get Free Overwatch Coins

Overwatch 2: How to get Free Overwatch Coins

Overwatch 2: How to get Free Overwatch Coins: Overwatch 2 is a first-person hero shooter in which teams of two or five players compete using heroes with unique powers and abilities. Season 1 Battle Pass offers gamers exciting rewards. In addition to the new hero, it also includes a new rare skin for his level called Mythic.

Like its predecessor, the new title offers a variety of in-game items and a Battle Pass that can be purchased with real currency or a unique version of Overwatch coins. Currently, as mentioned above, there are two ways for fans to earn money. You can choose to buy or earn.

This article will take a closer look at the process of earning Free Overwatch coins.


How to get Free Overwatch Coins?

How to get Overwatch coins for free?
How to get Free Overwatch Coins?

Earn free Overwatch Coins by completing all weekly challenges. Before that, if you don’t know where the weekly challenge board is, follow the steps below or choose a challenge with more coins to start the challenge.

  • First, go to the main menu
  • Then find the challenges tab.
  • Here you will find a weekly challenge board to complete your challenges.

Earn around 50 free Overwatch Coins weekly by completing all the weekly challenges. It may seem like a small reward, but you’ll have enough Overwatch Coins to buy a Battle Pass or your favorite character skin without using it in your money.

If you don’t earn enough Overwatch Coins this week, it will reset weekly so you can push harder in the coming weeks.

How much are Overwatch coins in real currency?

Overwatch 2 free coins
Overwatch 2 free coins

However, if you don’t like buying Battle Passes or completing weekly challenges, you can instantly use your money to buy Overwatch Coins.

To do this, go to your home page menu, select the Shop tab, and click the icon in the top right. We recommend choosing from the five packages below.

Here’s how much they cost:

Overwatch CoinsCost

At this time, free Overwatch Coins can only be earned by completing weekly challenges. If Blizzard updates something new to earn free coins, we will update it as soon as possible.

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