10 Best Anime of 2022

10 Best Anime of 2022

Best Anime of 2022: The evolution of anime is endless. There are always new anime titles released every year, either as sequels or premieres.

Anime is really an entertainment for its fans. The graphics and stories are mostly based on fantasy themes, which makes the audience addicted to follow. Additionally, each character has a solid and distinct personality.

For those of you who missed the best anime to watch this year, we provide recommendations below. The styles and themes or types of anime are very diverse. Curious about these anime titles? Check out the list below!

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

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Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director:Tomohisa Taguchi
Cast:Masakazu Morita ∙ Fumiko Orikasa ∙ Noriaki Sugiyama

After a long hiatus, finally in October 2022, the Bleach anime aired its final season of the series. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is also known as Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen.

Like the previous season, this season is also adapted from the Bleach manga series and is the last story. And for this the anime series is planned to have 52 episodes divided into four parts.

The story begins with Soul Society experiencing chaos due to being attacked by the Wandenreich group. The leader of the group is Yhwach, the father of all Quincy. The Wandenreich declare war on the god of death.

During this time, the history and truth hidden by the gods of death will finally be revealed. And Kurosaki Ichigo must also join that final battle!

Kaguya-sama Love Is War: Ultra Romantic

Release Year:2022
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Director:Mamoru Hatakeyama
Cast:Aoi Koga ∙ Makoto Furukawa ∙ Ryouta Suzuki ∙ Konomi Kohara ∙ Miyu Tomita

Kaguya-sama Love Is War: Ultra Romantic is the third season of the Kaguya-sama Love Is War anime series. It is the story of the main characters who attend the elite school of Shuchuin Academy.

The story itself focuses on two main characters, namely Shirogane Miyuki and Shinomiya Kaguya. Both are the president and vice president of the student council at the school.

They both really liked each other, but because of reputation, neither one wanted to confess their love first and felt that their dignity was about to fall. As a result, both of them always strategize so that one of them can express love first.

In Season 3, Shirogane and Kaguya still have not expressed their feelings. The love war between the two is intensifying.

On the other hand, student council treasurer, Yuu Ishigami, feels pressure due to his crush on his popular upperclassman, Tsubame Koyasu. His feud with Miko Ino upset Ishigami even more. What will happen to Shirogane, Kaguya and her friends this season?

Summer Time Rendering

Release Year:2022
Genre:Animation, Mystery, Supernatural
Director:Ayumu Watanabe
Cast:Natsuki Hanae ∙ Anna Nagase

This anime is a shonen anime based on the mystery, supernatural and mystery genres. The story tells the story of a young man named Ajiro Shinpei and a girl named Kofune Ushio.

Shinpei has been living in the Kofune family home with his two daughters Mio and Ushio since the death of his parents. He then decided to leave home to fulfill his dream. Until one day, Shinpei returns to his home island after learning of the tragedy that occurred in Ushio.

Surprisingly, the cause of Ushio’s death was quite suspicious. So Shinpei began to find out more information about the incident. Since then strange incidents keep happening on the island.

It is the story of Shinpei who encounters the dark side of Hitogashima Island to fight his bad luck. And, to fulfill Ushio’s last wish of protecting Mio.

Chainsaw Man

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Adventure
Director:Ryu Nakayama
Cast:Kikunosuke Toya ∙ Fairouz Ai ∙ Shogo Sakata ∙ Tomori Kusunoki

Chainsaw Man is an anime adapted from the manga series. This anime combines the action and fantasy genres with various scenes that are quite vulgar and bloody.

The story follows a homeless young man named Denji who lives only with his demon dog, Pochita. Denji works for the yakuza to hunt low-ranking demons to meet his daily needs.

But one day, the Yakuza betrayed and killed Denji. Pochita’s grief at being abandoned by her master causes her to sacrifice her life to Denji the demon dog. Denji comes back to life as a demon-human hybrid.

Shortly after, Denji meets a woman named Makima, who serves in the Demon Slayer Squad. Makima invites Denji to help his organization kill evil demons that threaten life on Earth.

Denji immediately accepted the invitation, not because he wanted to eliminate demons, but because he wanted to realize his biggest dream. Was Denji successful in helping Makima and his organization eliminate the evil demons?

Spy X Family

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Director:Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Cast:Takuya Eguchi ∙ Atsumi Tanezaki ∙ Saori Hayami

Fans are eagerly waiting for Spy X Family. It is adapted from the manga series of the same name by Tatsuya Endo. This anime takes place in Europe during the Cold War.

The story focuses on three main characters: Lloyd Forager aka Twilight who is a detective, Yor who is a female assassin, and Anya who is a little girl who has the ability to read minds.

One day, Twilight is given a mission to gather information about a prominent politician named Donovan Desmond. However, since Desmond is notorious for being an introvert, the only way for Twilight to contact him is to enroll a child in the same school as Desmond’s children.

Twilight is ordered to start a family and enroll her son in school. So he adopts Anya and marries Yor to create his fake family.

The funny thing is that they are trying to hide each other’s identity. Only Anya knows her parents’ true profession, and even then, she prefers to keep quiet because she does not want her abilities to be known by Twilight or Yor. So will Twilight succeed in carrying out this mission with her fake family?

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Director:Yuta Sano
Cast:Hiroaki Iwanaga ∙ Takahiro Sakurai ∙ Toa Yukinari

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition is a remastered version of the Berserk: Ogon Jidai anime film trilogy. Several adjustments were made to this remastered series, one of which was cutting and re-shooting several scenes.

Himmat, a mercenary who survived a traumatic childhood. Guts continues to fight against his enemies, constantly using his sword.

A day after successfully completing the battle, Guts encounters a mysterious man named Griffith and his soldiers, known as the Band of the Hawk. Griffith, who managed to win the battle, then recruited Guts into his army.

Guts meets Casca, a skilled warrior of the squad. The two then help Griffith lead the Band of the Hawk.

But as his military prestige grew, Griffith became the target of assassination and political conspiracies. He also used courage to realize his ambition to reach higher positions. Will Guts and Casca succeed in realizing Griffith’s ambitions?

Bocchi the Rock

Release Year:2022
Director:Keiichirō Saitō
Cast:Yoshino Aoyama ∙ Sayumi Suzushiro ∙ Saku Mizuno ∙ Ikumi Hasegawa ∙ Sayaka Senbongi

Bochi the Rock is a music themed comedy anime. The story is based on the story of four girls named Gotou Hitori, Yamada Ryu, Ijichi Nijika and Kita Ikuyo.

Hitori is a lonely girl and always plays her guitar alone. Once there, Hitori met Ijichi Nijika, a drummer, who invited him to join his band. Hitori definitely took over the position of guitarist in the band, replacing previous guitarist Kita Ikuyo, who had fled the band.

Soon, Hitori also met Yamada Ryu who became the band’s bassist. Unfortunately, their first appearance together was not satisfactory. Still, the girls feel excited because of their love for music.

And soon, Kita Ikuyo is back. After all, Hitori and his bandmates worked hard to become the best musicians during their young school days.

Blue Lock

Release Year:2022
Director:Tetsuaki Watanabe
Cast:Kazuki Ura ∙ Tasuku Kaito ∙ Souma Saitou ∙ Yūki Ono

Blue Lock is an unusual soccer anime series. This anime series tells the story of a young man named Isagi Yoichi who dreams of becoming a striker.

Once there, Isagi receives an invitation to join the Blue Lock Selection Program. This program was designed to transform one of the selected players into the best striker for the Japanese national team.

Arriving at the selection site, Isagi met several other strikers. He also realized that Blue Lock was no ordinary football scouting program. Blue Lock uses unethical methods to ascertain the potential of its participants.

Nevertheless, Isagi still tries to become the best participant and achieve his dream through the Blue Lock, even if it means he has to face hundreds of other excellent strikers.

Kotaro Lives Alone

Release Year:2022
Genre:Anime, Comedy, Slice of Life
Director:Tomoe Makino
Cast:Rie Kugimiya ∙ Toshiki Masuda

Kotaro Lives Alone was once a very popular anime with a light-hearted and quite touching story. The story focuses on a boy named Sato Kotarou. Although Kotaro is only four years old, he already lives alone in his apartment.

His neighbor, Karino, who is a mangaka, feels strange and sympathetic towards Kotaro’s situation. However, Kotaro himself does not care about his situation and does not want to trouble others.

Karino then decides to go with Kotaro. And slowly, the other residents of the apartment start getting closer to Kotaro. Kotaro begins to feel as close as family to his strange neighbours. How does the story of Kotaro and his neighbours progress?

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup

Release Year:2022
Director:Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Cast:Junko Minagawa ∙ Ryôtarô Okiayu

Youth tennis teams from around the world gather in Melbourne to compete for titles. Germany, which has won nine times, is determined to defend its title.

At the same time, despite being at the lowest position, Japan has a new destination. With the presence of the best young tennis players from Japanese high schools, their team became stronger and had a chance to change the situation.

Under the leadership of captain Houou Beaudoin, the Japanese team is ready to show its potential to the world by giving its best performance.

A big challenge awaits Japan. They have to face the current champion Germany, who is considered difficult to defeat. Furthermore, the situation becomes even more complicated as old enemies reappear as rivals. Will the Japanese team be able to realize its dreams?

Prince of Tennis II has its own charms for anime sports fans, although sometimes it chooses tennis game techniques that don’t make sense. Still, the graphics and effects presented can keep the audience well entertained.


2022 was undoubtedly a remarkable year for anime, and these series are a testament to the creativity and talent within the industry. As you begin your anime journey, be sure to try out these titles and experience the magic they contain.

Those were the best anime recommendations that could have been chosen this year. The story types and topics are quite diverse which you can adjust as per your interest. Some even offer promising garfee that can make the audience cry.

Well, which one from the above list of anime titles makes you curious? Reply in the comments section, yes!


1. What makes “Summer Time Rendering” stand out among other mystery anime?

Its unique concept of a city where time behaves strangely, sets it apart, creating an interesting and captivating environment.

2. Are these anime available for streaming?

Yes, most of these anime are available on popular streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Disney+, and Netflix.

3. Which anime would you recommend for someone new to the genre?

Kaguya-sama Love Is War” and “Spy X Family” are great choices for newcomers due to their accessible themes and engaging storytelling.

4. Is “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition” a good starting point for the “Berserk” series?

Absolutely! It provides a wonderful introduction to the world of “Berserk.”

5. Is there any news about sequels or new seasons of these anime?

While some have announced new seasons, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on official announcements for updates.

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