5 Strongest Logia Devil Fruits Owned by Marines in One Piece

Strongest Logia Devil Fruits Owned by Marines in One Piece

One of the big powers in the One Piece story is the navy, and they have the strongest logia devil fruit power. One of the rarest types in the world of One Piece is Logia devil fruit. This type of devil fruit is quite rare therefore the number of users is very small.
Logia devil fruit users are therefore considered very dangerous people, and therefore feared by many people. They have some of the strongest Logia devil fruit users in the navy. Anyone?

List of 5 Strongest Logia Devil Fruits That Marines Have in One Piece

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Mori Mori No Mi

Mori Mori No Mi Aramaki aka Admiral Ryokugyu
  • English Name: Woods-Woods Fruit
  • Devil Fruit UserAramaki aka Admiral Ryokugyu

This is the most powerful Logia Devil that the series has just introduced in the story for the navy. Its one of the devil fruits of the new admiral called Aramaki also know as Green Bull. Aramaki is a central navy admiral who replaced his senior colleague who left office along with another admiral.
Arameki’s figure has been shrouded in mystery.

Finally, Admiral Aramaki aka Green Bull showed up at the end of Wano arc. It was well known that Aramaki skipped his last meal three years ago. Nonetheless, it turns out that all this happens due to the strength of his devil fruit, Mori Mori.
The devil fruit helps the user grow plants wherever he goes, transform his surroundings into a wood and eat other people’s fluids or vitamins.

This devil fruit is powerful that one could say that Aramaki is nearly an immortal character. This is so because, when Aramaki was later hit by a powerful attack from their enemy, he could have come alive in plant form before actually turning back to human. This, however, had incapacitated the Red Scabbards.
before Shanks’ figure appeared.

Moku Moku No Mi

Moku Moku No Mi Smoker
  • English Name: Smoke-Smoke Fruit
  • Devil Fruit UserSmoker

Smoker is one of the marine characters who first showed up at the start of the One Piece series. Smoker was first presented during Logia arc, where he pursued Luffy who had killed his first 30 million Belly victim. And in this moment too, Smoker finally came across Monkey D Dragon who rescued his child.

It is also worth noting that Smoker happens to be the first marine character with the power of the Logia devil fruit to appear on One Piece. Smoker has the devil fruit, Moku Moku no Mi or Smoke Smoke Fruit. Logia type devil fruit that turns the user into or controls smoke.

Though Gasu Gasu no Mi and Moku Moku no Mi produce similar effects, there are elements that differentiate them. One of the elements that set different is that gas and smoke are two different elements. In short, there are no smoke in the gas and gas in the smoke. With this devil fruit power, Smoker was able to overpower many opponents. Smoker proved to be difficult for Luffy. Dragon saved Luffy from the navy otherwise he wouldn’t have.

Pika Pika No Mi

Pika Pika No Mi Borsalino aka Admiral Kizaru
  • English Name: Glint-Glint Fruit
  • Devil Fruit User Borsalino aka Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru is the navy admiral with a great speed. Truly, he was hard to catch as almost nobody could catch up with his speed. This is so because he ate the Pika Pika no Mi devil fruit. Pika Pika no Mi is also a very powerful devil fruit. Because, anyone who eats his devil fruit will turn into a man of light whose speed is almost impossible to keep up with.

Not only does Kizaru move very fast as a result of the Pika Pika devil fruit, but his body can almost not be touched. Furthermore, his reflexes will be superhuman. He can also fire a killing laser beam like at Sabaody or during the Marineford battle.

Kizaru is said to the fastest character in this series because he can move as quickly as lightning. Initially, only Rayleigh and Benn Beckman could survive the attacks by Kizaru. In Luffy’s fight against Kizaru on Egghead Island, we see how the Admiral is now overwhelmed by Luffy in Gear 5. Surprisingly, for the first time, Kizaru is weak and cannot move.

Hie Hie No Mi

Hie Hie No Mi Admiral Aokiji
  • English Name: Ice-Ice Fruit
  • Devil Fruit UserAdmiral Aokiji

In addition to this, some geeks must know that Aokiji, the owner of the Hie Hie No Mi devil fruit, no longer belongs to the navy. He chose to become a member of Blackbeard’s pirates. Nevertheless, since he is a retired navy admiral, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Aokiji’s name should be included in this list. The reason is,
he has a very powerful Logia devil fruitpower.

Hie Hie is a devil fruit that lets a person either control, create or turn into ice. Oda Sensei even says that Aokiji’s ice devil fruit is much stronger than Monet’s Yuki Yuki ice devil fruit.
Another thing that is awesomeness of this devil fruit is that we see from how Aokiji never has a ship to go from one place to another.

Finally, Aokiji also can freeze an area easily. This is as demonstrated by his fight against Akainu in which he succeeded in freezing parts of Punk Hazard’s territory within ten days. You could even say that this devil fruit is equivalent to the awesome power of the Magu Magu no Mi.
It is also interesting that Hie Hie no Mi is commonly used by Aokiji as a way of “helping” individuals by freezing them in an instant. For instance, Jaguar D Saul seemed to be still alive even after being frozen by Aokiji. It is possible that Garp also went through the same thing that Saul did.

Magu Magu No Mi

Magu Magu No Mi Admiral Akainu
  • English Name: Magma-Magma Fruit
  • Devil Fruit UserAdmiral Akainu

The final navy’s greatest Logia devil fruit is none but Fleet Admiral Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi. Magu Magu no Mi refers to a Logia type devil fruit that is deemed the strongest due to its unparalleled destructive power. This was demonstrated during the big war at marineford.
Sakazuki managed to eliminate the Whitebeard pirates and even destroyed their ships at where.

In fact, his devil fruit attack even caused sea water to start boiling. The only thing that can be used to counter almost all capabilities of the Maggu Maggu no mi is magma due to its ability to destroy all elements. This was also shown when the power of the Magu Magu no Mi destroyed Ace’s body, who was the user of the Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit, and caused his death.

Akainu destroyed part of Whitebeard’s face with the power that Magu Magu no Mi has. Only Haki can stop this devil fruit’s ability, as when Shanks stopped his attack on Koby. Eiichiro Oda also said in an SBS column that Magu Magu no Mi could destroy the world if Akainu wanted to do it.

Apart from being a very rare type of devil fruit in the One Piece story, Logia is a type of devil fruit that has tremendous power.
And this is also proven by the various strongest devil fruits possessed by the navy. So far, there is still no clarity regarding how powerful the Logia devil fruit will be if the user succeeds in awakening the power of the devil fruit.

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