One Piece Film Red Reveals Uta 3rd song in the new music video

One Piece Film Red Reveals Uta new song

Ado‘s official YouTube channel posted the third song from Project One Piece Film: Red, which will premiere on August 6.

One Piece Red film releasing in Japan on August 6, but in the meantime, a project is underway on Ado’s official YouTube channel that, who will voice Uta’s songs during the new film. The so-called Uta Project already has two songs which can be seen below:

Ado | Backlight (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)

Ado | I’m the strongest (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)

The third song titled “Gaykos” for the film One Piece Red is released on July 6 and is a collaboration between Wendy and Edo. The video was directed by Hironobu Nagasawa with illustrations by Sohin. see below:

The official One Piece franchise YouTube channel also posted a new episode of Uta’s Diary:

The singer Ado will collaborate with other artists during Project Uta, which will include clips performed by various artists. The next film will release on July 20 and is titled ‘Utakata Lullaby‘.

(via ANN)

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