Héroes de Papel will publish the Gestalt manga.

Gestalt manga

This Friday, Héroes de Papel announced the publication of their next manga. The publisher will soon add the Gestalt series to its catalogue in three volumes. Its author, Ringo Yoto, presents a tale of devastation and survival in which humans must protect each other. This work will come to our country in a milled paperback edition with a 13 x 18 cm dust jacket and a price of $10.13 for each volume. Those who reserve their copy through the publisher’s online store will receive a free copy and a special bookmark.

Héroes de Papel will publish the Gestalt manga
Héroes de Papel will publish the Gestalt manga

The work was originally published in the pages of Kodansha Publishing House’s Young magazine during the previous year 2021, eventually collected in three volumes. A free preview with the first 10 pages of the manga is available on the Héroes de Papel website.

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