One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoiler: New Era

One Piece Chapter 1055 : Spoiler New Era

One Piece returns after a month off. One Piece Chapter 1054 has given us important information. One Piece Chapter 1055, however, promises not to go ahead. Speaking of the previous chapter, start with Admiral Ryokugyu’s attack against the Red Scabbard, assisted by Yamato and Momonosuke, the latter not wanting to involve Straw Hat Pirates. The chapter then turned to Shanks, who decided it was time to get his hands on One Piece.

The most awaited and important part is undoubtedly the one that explained the events during Reverie (at least from the point of view of the Navy). King Cobra’s death and Vivi’s disappearance are only part of those events, but they are definitely one of the most important. The government has accused none other than Sabo of the murder, who has become an accurate figure among revolutionary movements around the world. When they come, the whole truth will be known. However, from the first extensive spoilers, this will not be the case in this chapter, which will instead focus primarily on the events of Wano.

Here are the first spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1055:

  • Chapter 1055 will be titled “New Era.”
    Momonosuke manages to make Bolo Breathe.
    The Shogun’s attack seriously injured admiral Ryokugyu.
  • Green Bull appears to be retiring from battle when he senses Shanks Conquerors Haki and realizes that the Emperor is indeed close.
  • Sukiyaki leads Robin and Law to the Road Poneglyph in Wano, explaining how the island formed and how rising water levels have made the island smaller.
  • All three are going towards the ancient Wano, which is underground.
    The three discuss Poneglyphs.
  • We move to the party, where the Straw Hats are present.
  • Shanks’s Haki is felt by other characters in the Wano, such as Kid and Luffy himself.

No break next week.

Where to read and when One Piece 1055 will be released?

One Piece Chapter 1055 will be released on Sunday 31 July on Manga Plus.

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One Piece Chapter 1055
One Piece Chapter 1055

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