One Piece Chapter 1051: The World Government Slanders Luffy as the Most Cruel Criminal in the World

One Piece Chapter 1051: The World Government Slanders Luffy as the Most Cruel Criminal in the World

The news of Kaido’s defeat by Luffy in the Onigashima battle, is believed to soon spread throughout the world in One Piece Chapter 1051, including the World Government.

However, this will certainly make the situation of Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates even more dangerous.

The reason is, the news of Kaido’s defeat will make the world situation in One Piece Chapter 1051 even more volatile.

Yonko like Blackbeard are known to not stay silent after hearing the news of Kaido’s defeat.

In various speculations circulating among One Piece fans, it is stated that Luffy’s face will appear on various headlines in newspapers around the world, as a villain after the battle of Onigashima.

The reason is, usually Luffy almost never finishes off his enemies throughout the One Piece series.

In addition, many fans hope that Kaido really dies in One Piece Chapter 1051.

This is because the world situation will be more dangerous if Kaido is still alive.

After getting the news, the World Government will deploy their entire Navy Fleet to Wano to catch Luffy.

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In fact, the World Government itself had sacrificed CP0 members after failing to kill Luffy.

If in the next attack the Marines again fail to capture Luffy, then the World Government will definitely pretend to act as world peacekeepers.

Later, the World Government will spread an announcement in the manipulated newspapers that Luffy has killed Kaido.

The World Government will try to change the world’s view of Luffy into the most terrifying criminal in the world.

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Luffy will also be slandered by the World Government by accusing him of killing CP0 members as well.

They want Luffy to become a big villain after the World Government failed to subdue Wano and Kaido.

The slander that the World Government made is supported by the fact that Luffy is the biological son of Monkey D. Dragon who is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and the most wanted criminal in the world of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers leaks
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This was done by the World Government because Luffy considered them the biggest threat.

Plus Luffy has succeeded in awakening the power of the Hito-Hito no Mi Model Nika devil fruit which the World Government has wanted to destroy 800 years ago.

Therefore, fans are just waiting to see whether Luffy will directly challenge the World Government in One Piece Chapter 1051 or not.***

DISCLAIMER: This article is made for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to precede the story.

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