One Piece 1051 Spoilers: Information Apoo Sells to Morgans Would Be Gorosi’s Nightmare

One Piece 1051 Spoilers: Information Apoo Sells to Morgans Would Be Gorosi’s Nightmare

Apoo, who is in Wano and Onigashima, would have known all the important information that happened by One Piece 1051.

Based on facts from One Piece before 1051, Apu sell this information to Morgan.

However, this information would actually be counterproductive to the world government and Gorosei.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 about Apu who would be a nightmare for Gorosi.

Yesterday’s chapter had excitement from the Samurai and Straw Hat alliance.

They seemed so happy that some people still couldn’t believe that the two Yonko had defeated .

One Piece 1051 Spoilers: Morgans Big News
Image via One Piece

Then the expressions of several characters from the alliance troops were shown, they looked satisfied with the results of this battle.

But Apoo here is surprised and he can’t believe that Luffy managed to beat Kaido.

For this Apoo it looks like he will still be conscious and he will also not put up any more resistance like Kaido’s other subordinates.


Because his top priority is to get out of Wano right away and sell all the important news he knows to Morgans.

Only then will the world be in an uproar because of what happened in Wano.

Unfortunately, the news that Apoo brings will actually harm the World Government.

There are three points that are the reason why Apoo’s actions will actually harm the Gorosei ranks.

First, the presence of World Government agents in Wano is illegal.

Because Wano is not included in one of the countries or kingdoms that cooperate with the World Government.

Second, the defeat of the two Yonkou will certainly make the pirate world unstable.

So that indirectly the Gorosei will be even more troubled by the emergence of various new powers.

Then the most dangerous is the third point.

namely the appearance of the Sun God Nika, which many people have been waiting for.

Because there are still many people who think like Who’s Who believe in the figure of Nika as the liberation knight.

It will be interesting to wait for the chaos that will occur after Apoo conveys the news of Wano to Morgans in One Piece 1051 or the next chapters.

It will also be revealed after One Piece 1051 what the Gorosei’s next steps in dealing with this new chaos will be.***

DISCLAIMER: The discussion of One Piece 1051 here is not intended to precede the content of the story and is for entertainment purposes only.

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