6 Facts about First Love Netflix Series

First Love Netflix Jdrama

First Love Netflix Series Japanese Drama released on Netflix streaming platform on November 24, 2022. This drama by director Yuri Kanchiku is the latest Netflix original series made in Japan.

Of course, since the announcement of the production of the “First Love” Jdrama at the end of 2020, One of the reasons is that the series features well-known actors Takeru Satoh and Hikaru Mitsushima.

Apart from that, what’s unique is that the story idea for the First Love series is an adaptation from a song.

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Sinopsis: First Love: Hatsukoi (2022)

First Love: Hatsukoi Netflix
First Love: Hatsukoi Netflix

First Love: Hatsukoi (2022) series tells the story of a sweet, free and unforgettable high school first love of Namiki Harumichi (Takeru Satoh) and Yae Noguchi (Mitsushima Hikari).

Their romance ran aground after graduating from school and they focused on pursuing their respective dreams. 20 years later, Namiki and Yae are reunited by fate when they have just failed in their careers.

The reunion of Namiki and Yui, who still harbors the feeling of an unfinished story, brings back memories of their first love. Will they continue their once stalled romance?

1. Adaptation of Hikaru’s song

Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru

Obviously, the story of the drama was inspired by other works.

Where most TV stories are based on books and novels, the First Love series is actually an adaptation of two songs by popular Japanese singer Utada Hikaru.

Produced by Netflix, the idea for the series is taken from Hikaru’s songs Hikaru, First Love (1999) and Hatsukoi (2018). After 20 years of release, it turns out that the two songs are both about.

2. Actor Takeru Satoh’s comeback

Takeru Satoh
Takeru Satoh

First Love: Hatsukoi Jdrama is known for starring the famous Japanese actor Takeru Satoh. In addition to the appearance of popular actors, it is a work with high expectations from viewers as it is a comeback project for Takeru Satoh.

Satoh’s last television appearance was in the 2020 blockbuster drama Love Last Forever. He returned to the acting industry after two years, and it is understandable that there are many fans who are waiting for the “First Love” Jdrama on Netflix.

3. Takeru Satoh’s first project with Mitsushima Hikari

Takeru Satoh and Mitsushima Hikari
Takeru Satoh and Mitsushima Hikari (Image via kochipuchi321/hikarimitsushima)

First love Jdrama starring Takeru Satoh and artist/singer Mitsushima Hikari. After the hiatus, he started working as a former member of the idol group Folder 5.

Initially playing her supporting role, Hikari is now one of Japan’s most famous female artists. This drama is known as Satoh and Hikari’s first project as the main characters.

4. Set in the late 1990s

First Love Netflix (2022)
First Love Netflix (2022) (Image via Netflix)

Another fact about her in the First Love Jdrama is that it’s set in the late 1990s. The drama is known for reminding viewers of Takeru Satoh and Mitsushima Hikari’s first love moments.

The first high school love story of Satoh and Hikari is an unforgettable memory even after 20 years. It’s no wonder that their meeting in the present is able to make love blossom again.

5. Mitsushima Hikari’s second drama after the break

Mitsushima Hikari
Mitsushima Hikari (Image via hikarimitsushima)

Also, 2022 is the year Hikari Mitsushima will make a comeback to the small screen. It has been revealed that Hikari has been on hiatus from her acting activities for four years since 2018.

First Love Jdrama, which was broadcast on Netflix on November 24th, is the second drama starring Hikari this year. Hikari will make a comeback in April 2022 with her drama Mirai e no 10 Count (10 Counts Towards the Future).

6. Yagi Rikako and Kido Taisei’s Netflix debut

Yagi Rikako and Kido Taisei, First Love Netflix
Yagi Rikako and Kido Taisei, First Love Netflix (Image via yagirikaco_official)

The First Love series tells stories of the future and a return to the past. Kido Taisei will play the role of the young Namiki Harumichi, and Yagi Rikako will play the role of Yae Noguchi.

Another interesting fact about her First Love series is that this drama is her debut project on Netflix for her two young actors. As such, the viewer must look forward to what kind of chemistry he will have as a young actor.

These are the synopsis and facts of the latest First Love Japanese Drama produced by Netflix. First love stories aside, the above interesting facts will make you want to watch more of the romantic series first love?

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