Anushka Sen New Korean Drama Name, Where She Plays An Assassin

Anushka Sen New Korean Drama Name, Where She Plays An Assassin

influencer and Actress Anushka Sen, who is best known for her work in the TV show ‘Baal Veer, Jhansi Ki Rani‘ will soon be making her foray into Korean drama with a film titled ‘Asia‘. The actress has returned to India after completing her first film schedule. Watch as she candidly talks about the impact K-drama and K-pop have had on her life, including TV shows and future plans!

She said, “I shot the first schedule of ‘Asia’ and it was amazing. It was my first time playing an assassin. I worked with people from Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.” straight. She wants to do roles that break stereotypes. When we talked for the first time, He asked me which role I would like to play, so I said I want to play an assassin.

Anushka Sen said: “The first schedule was really cool, I have a very strong character, I am playing an assassin role for the first time, I have never played an assassin in my career, so it’s really new and exciting. This is going to be different. Obviously it’s international so it’s huge and I’m really grateful that I’m representing India in a way.”

Anushka Sen On Playing An Assassin In Her Korean Debut ‘Asia’ | Exclusive Interview

“Asia” written and directed by Lee Jung-sub and which will be released as a multilingual film. Actors from various countries such as India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and the United States have appeared.

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