Boku No Hero Academia 6 Has Trailer With Miruko And More Heroes

Boku No Hero Academia 6 Has Trailer With Miruko And More Heroes

The sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia gets a trailer with Endeavor, Miruko and other heroes, as well as new information.

If you are a fan of Mirko (or Miruko) from Boku no Hero Academia and want to see her in action in the sixth season of the anime, then you are in luck. Two of the series’ voice actors, Daiki Yamashita, who plays Izuku Midoriya, and Junichi Suwabe, who plays Shota Aizawa, participated in a special broadcast. They talked for around 40 minutes and at the end a new trailer for the new episodes came out.

As you can see, the professional heroes and the young students of the U.A. Academy have had to join forces to face the army of villains gathered around Tomura Shigaraki. Something for which this advance stands out is that it is not a mere animation where the characters parade from one side to the other. This video showcases content that is coming in the next installment of the anime and is therefore worth checking out.

Boku No Hero Academia 6 th Hiroaka PV 2nd

Miruko can be seen walking the corridors of a facility and ready to do anything to face a series of enemies in this trailer for the sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia. It also highlights Endeavor and other heroes, such as Eraser Head, Present Mic and Midnight, just to mention a few. An interesting comment on what to expect from the first episode surfaced on Yamashita and Suwabe‘s broadcast.

bnha miruko
bnha miruko (Image: Tumblr)

According to the streaming host, it will not be an original or “filler” episode as usual. It will actually be attached to the main story. We will have to see if this information turns out to be true, but hopefully so. It’s a bit annoying to start each season with a compilation of what happened in the previous one with content that has nothing to do with the manga. The fact is that this sequel will have two previous OVAs.

Regarding these there was also new information. As revealed on the broadcast, they will be available on video-on-demand services on August 1 starting at 2:00 JST. Crunchyroll confirmed before that it would have them in its catalog so it is to be imagined that it will take a short time for them to reach this one. These animations will prepare the ground for the sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia with Miruko and the other heroes, which will be released in the fall.

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So maybe because of that the first episode of the new season doesn’t need to have filler. This will have its preview at HERO FES 2022, which will be on July 24 in Japan. Thanks to @shibuyasmash for the report.

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