One Piece: How strong will Zoro and Sanji after end of Wano?

One Piece: How strong will Zoro and Sanji after end of Wano?

With the end of the Wano arc, Zoro and Sanji had a great development in their abilities and powers. Let’s analyze them.

One Piece finally ends its longest arc, Wano. Not only did the arc give us intriguing fights, new characters, and bombastic revelations, but it also made the main trio of Straw Hats stronger.

As we’ve already talked a lot about Luffy’s new powers, the awakening of his fruit and what this could mean for the future of One Piece, let’s now focus on how Zoro and Sanji reached the end of this arc. Both went through challenges that raised their strengths and skills and they currently meet as follows:

One Piece: Zoro Post Wano

One Piece: Zoro Bounty afer Post Wano
One Piece: Zoro Post Wano (Image: One Piece)
  • Dracul Mihawk: In his training with Dracul Mihawk, he survived direct hits from the best swordsman in the world, as well as developing techniques demonstrated in Wano.
  • Enma: In Wano, he acquired the Enma sword belonging to Kozuki Oden, which is considered one of the best swords in the world.
  • Sandai Kitetsu: The deadly cursed blade he has is Sandai Kitetsu.
  • Wado Ichimonji: He still carries his friend Kuina sword, which is not only a koi weapon, but also one of the 21 Great swords in the world and is O Wazamono type.
  • Extreme Durability: Zoro has an enormous ability to withstand deadly attacks. He often ends his fights and walks away, but even if he is badly injured, he always recovers.
  • Haki: Uses all three types of Haki.
  • Conqueror Haki: Possesses the rare Haki technique that increases its attacks.
  • Swordsmanship: He managed to get around Kaido scales and intimidate the strongest pirate in the world.
  • Win at Wano: Zoro defeats a top executive of the Beasts Pirate King worth 1,390,000,000 and scarred Kaido with his nine-sword style.

One Piece: Sanji Post Wano

One Piece: Sanji Post Wano Bounty
One Piece: Sanji Post Wano (Image: One Piece)
  • Genetic Modification: In Wano, he developed an extremely tough exoskeleton, after using his family technological garment, the Raid Suit.
  • Speed ​​and Agility: Sanji can move so fast that he becomes invisible to the eye.
  • Ifrit Jambe: Its blue flames can burn over 2000 °C.
  • Armament Haki: Uses armor shinny to give more resistance to the legs.
  • Observation Haki: Can sense surroundings better than anyone.
  • Win in Wano: Sanji defeats the top executive queen of Beasts Pirates worth 1,320,000,000 berry.
  • Raid Suit: Made Sanji more aggressive and invincible. The character himself was afraid of losing control, and this could lead to problems for Sanji in the future, as well as a huge increase in strength.

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