SPY X FAMILY Get Dragon Ball Reference

Spy x Family Dragon Ball Reference

The new episode of the SPY x FAMILY anime brings a fun reference to Dragon Ball as part of its additional content.

Although the Dragon Ball and SPY x FAMILY anime are from different studios — the former from Toei Animation and the latter from CloverWorks and Wit Studio — there is a link between the works they come from. All because both are published by the Shueisha publishing house, although in different media. So it is not surprising that in the most recent episode of the adventures of the Forger family there is a “wink” to the story of Goku and his friends.

That happened in episode 10, called Operation Prison Ball, and which is an adaptation of chapter 15 of the original manga, which belongs to the third volume. It is when at the Eden Academy a match of the classic game of dodgeball or dodgeball is held. Anya and her companions participate in this, as is the case with Damian Desmond, her rival and with whom she has to make friends. All so Loid can get closer to the boy’s father.

Dragon Ball Reference in SPY X FAMILY
Dragon Ball Reference in SPY X FAMILY (Image: Crunchyroll/@crstballdzz)

The fact is that there is a rumor that whoever wins the match will get a Stella as a reward and that motivates Damian to train as much as possible. In the SPY x FAMILY manga, this chapter is not very long, but the studios in charge decided to add a little more content to it. So they showed the training that Anya’s partner does. Some of the things that happen are mixed with his imagination, which is a lot of fun.

For example, there is a scene in which he climbs a cliff and it is actually a very common game in parks. But there’s another one where Damian has a ball of energy in front of him, which is how he imagines the dunk ball. If you look closely, this sequence of the SPY x FAMILY anime takes place in one of the Dragon Ball worlds. Specifically, on the planet Namek, which has a very particular terrain conformation as well as its own vegetation.

SPY X FAMILY Get Dragon Ball Reference
SPY X FAMILY Get Dragon Ball Reference (Image: Crunchyroll/@crstballdzz)

When it comes to Shueisha series, it’s not uncommon for there to be references between them in their animated adaptations. The clearest case in this sense is Gintama, which was full of these. The interesting thing about the case is that Tatsuya Endō, creator of SPY x FAMILY, has made some recent tributes to Dragon Ball. The first of them was a cover of one of his manga volumes and the other a design inspired by Pilaf and his minions.


There are some people who don’t like that the SPY x FAMILY anime has “filler”. But I think in this case it is justified to make a story that was much shorter more entertaining.

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