HBO Max Latin America adds a new season of Fairy Tail

HBO Max add a new season of Fairy Tail

This Monday (20), HBO Max Latin America added to its catalog a new season of the anime based on Hiro Mashima‘s manga, Fairy Tail, after its exclusive premiere with Latin Spanish dubbing on June 13, which managed to be a success. in its first week, after appearing as the second most watched production in the catalog

Fairy Tail

new season of Fairy Tail on HBO MAX
Fairy Tail on HBO MAX

Fairy Tail recounts the adventures of a young wizard named Natsu, and his talking cat Happy, who is in search of his master and adoptive father Igneel. Joining Fairy Tail, a guild of magicians that is famous for the destruction and damage they cause in various cities, he meets Lucy, a girl whose dream was to enter a guild of magicians, which she achieves thanks to the help of Natsu. From then on, the story follows the movements of this couple of magicians who are involved in countless adventures before achieving the final goal, finding Igneel.

Today the platform has released the second season, made up of 24 more episodes, which come with a Mexican dubbing produced by ArtWorks, under the direction of Gerardo Ortega, now with a translation by Olinca Hidalgo, and a cast made up of the voices of:

  • Enzo Fortuny as Natsu
  • Jennifer Medel as Happy
  • Monserrat Aguilar as Lucy
  • Gerardo Ortega as Gray
  • Maggie Vera as Erza
  • Carlos Monroy as Laxus
  • Cristina Hernández as Juvia
  • Alfonso Obregón as Gajeel
  • Rossy Aguirre as Mirajane
  • Ana Lobo as Cana
  • Ricardo Brust as Elfman
  • Rafael Escalante as Jejall/Mystogan
  • Francisco Reséndez as Makarov
  • Irma Carmona as Levy
  • Octavio Rojas in the inserts
  • Nycolle Gonzalez as Wendy
  • Erike Ugalde as Charlie
  • Óscar Lopez as Cobra
  • Hiram Cárdenas as Zero
  • Brandon Santini as Midnight
  • Fabián Rétiz as Racer
  • Esteban Desco as Klodoa
  • Gabriela Ortiz as Angel
  • Ricardo Rocha as Hoteye

The fact that the openings and endings continue to be interpreted in Spanish is also highlighted: the fifth opening and ending Egao No Mahou and Holy Shine are interpreted by Gaby Vega; On the other hand, the sixth opening, Fiesta, is performed by Fernando Laura, while the ending, Be As One, is performed by Mauren Mendo.

The manga ran from 2006 to 2017 in Kodansha’s Shōnen Magazine. In 2009 the anime adaptation would be released, which was produced mainly by A-1 Pictures, along with other studios such as Satelight (first 175 episodes), Bridge (episodes 176-328) and CloverWorks (final episodes), ending with a total of 328. chapters, 11 OVAs and 2 movies.

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Fairy Tail can now be enjoyed with the aforementioned dubbing on HBO Max, in addition to being available in the original language with Spanish subtitles on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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