One Piece: 8 Plot Mysteries that need to be resolved in Wano

Zoro's Grim Reaper Mystery, One Piece: 8 Plot Mysteries that need to be resolved in Wano

The One Piece Wano arc is coming to an end which means some of these plots will have to be completed in Wano.

As is well known One Piece 1050 has declared Luffy officially the winner in his fight against Kaido.

Even though Kaido has been defeated, there are still unfinished business in Wano Country. Some mysteries need to be solved before moving on to a new arc.

Here are 8 One Piece plots that need to be completed in Wano:

8. Big Mom’s current pirate status

Big Mom’s current pirate status was questioned before the Wano arc ended.
One Piece fans often make fun of Big Mom for not actually doing anything in this arc.
Ever since Marco dropped him in a waterfall, the Big Mom Pirates haven’t been seen for a long time whether they’re still yonko status or not.

7. The new ruler of Wano Country

One Piece 1050 ends with Denjiro announcing the new ruler of Wano Country.
It was unknown whether he was referring to Hiyori or Momonosuke. That answer will likely be revealed sometime in the next episode.
After all, the Kozuki clan needed to rebuild Wano Country. Kaido and Orochi have done some major damage in the last 20 years.

6. Momonosuke’s adult form

Momonosuke has the body of a 28 year old even though he is still a child mentally thanks to Shinobu’s Juku Juku no Mi.

Based on his silhouette, Momonosuke was now much taller with a muscular build. However, One Piece readers have not seen it clearly.

5. Big Mom’s comments on Wano’s “treasure”

Just before he was defeated by Kid and Law, Big Mom talked about Roger’s treasure. He believed that some of them were in Wano Country.
This seems to confirm that Roger’s treasure is not a single object, but several at once.
Luffy and his crew must find this precious treasure before going to Wano Country.

4. Kaido Road Poneglyph

The Straw Hats must find all four Road Poneglyphs if they are to find Laugh Tale.
With Kaido’s defeat, they would have three Road Poneglyphs. All they need is one more.
The Straw Hats are one step closer to finding the sought-after One Piece treasure.

Kaido’s Road Poneglyph isn’t in Orochi’s castle. With that said, Nico Robin believed it was located somewhere in Onigashima. However, his current placement has not been revealed in the One Piece manga.

3. Zoro and the Grim Reaper

one piece zoro grim reaper

After defeating King in a grueling battle, Zoro saw the Grim Reaper right in front of him. Please note that he is also under the influence of drugs.
It’s probably an illusion, but One Piece rarely uses supernatural elements.
On the other hand, once the medicine wears off, Zoro will feel twice the pain he felt before.

He is very close to death’s door now, so One Piece readers are very worried. Zoro’s current status is still unknown.

2. The reason Kaido is in Wano

Based on his conversation with Yamato, there was something very significant about Wano Country that made Kaido come to him.
But it seems that the reason Kaido is in Wano is directly related to the legend of Joy Boy.

1. Big Mom and Kaido’s ultimate fate

The strongest member of the Worst Generation finally defeated Kaido and Big Mom to fall into the magma.
Meanwhile One Piece readers want to know if this is really the end of the two yonko.

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