The Water Flows to the Sea (2023)

The Water Flows to the Sea (2023)

“The Water Flows to the Sea” is the story of a family of five strangers living under the same roof.

Chisa Sakaki is played by Suzu Hirose (広瀬すず), who is now one of the most popular actresses in Japan. Based on the popular manga “Mizu ha Umini Mukatte Nagareru”, the film is directed by Tetsu Maeda (前田哲), Who has directed several hit films like “Do Unto Others” and “A Banana”.

The film slowly depicts the process of people meeting each other, and carefully portrays the emotional turmoil and rising emotions, resulting in a story that tugs at the heartstrings of the audience.

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The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie (2023)
The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie (2023)


Japanese Movie TitleThe Water Flows to the Sea (Japanese Movie)
Original Name水は海に向かって流れる
Also Known AsMizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru, The Water Flows to the Sea, Water Flowing to the Sea
DirectorMaeda Tetsu
CastsHirose Suzu, Ohnishi Riku
GenresRomance, Life, Drama
Release DateJune 9, 2023
Runtime2 hr. 3 min.
Original LanguageJapanese

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Main Role:

  • Suzu Hirose as Chisa Sakaki
  • Riku Ohnishi as Naotatsu Kumazawa

Support Role:

  • Kengo Kora as Shigemichi Utagawa
  • Junki Tozuka as Hayate Izumiya
  • Katsuhisa Namase as Kenzo Naruse
  • Ami Touma as Kaede Izumiya
  • Masanobu Katsumura as Kingo Sakaki
  • Yukiya Kitamura as Tatsuo Kumazawa
  • Maki Sakai as Sanae Takashima


Starring Suzu Hirose A live-action film adaptation of the masterpiece manga of the Tajima Islands.

What is the plot of The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie?

Naotatsu Kumazawa is ready to start high school. To attend school, he lived with his uncle, Shigemichi Utagawa. On a day of heavy rain, Naotatsu arrives at the nearest stop from his uncle’s house. At that moment, a strange adult woman, Chisa Sakaki, is waiting for him at the station. She takes him to a sharehouse. Naotatsu begins living in a shared household with others including Chisa Sakaki, his uncle Shigemichi Utagawa, Hayate Izumiya, and Kenzō Naruse. Everyone there comes from different backgrounds. Chisa is a 26-year-old office worker. Shigemichi Utagawa is a manga writer, but his parents don’t know that he quit his regular job to become a manga writer. Hayate Izumiya is a cross-dressing astrologer. Kenzo Naruse is a university professor who travels around the world. While with them, Naotatsu develops feelings for Chisa, who says she does not want a romantic relationship. Naotatsu and Chisa had an unexpected connection in their past. What is the reason that Chisa does not want to have a romantic relationship?

When Will The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie Be Release?

The Water Flows to the Sea will be released on June 23, 2023. The movie duration is 2 hr. 3 min.

Where to watch The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie?

Viewers will be able to watch The Water Flows to the Sea Japanese Movie in the theater.

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